Day in Their Lives | Barrie Lifestyle Photographer

We’ve been super busy around here…packing, moving, unpacking, preparing birthday parties…not to mention sessions! I’m ready for all this snow to melt so we can get outside more often and hang out under the summer sun! In the meantime, I’ve completed another day in the life project…this one is a little different though. Last year, on March 21st I followed Jack around photographing his day (see here:, this year I followed both boys around capturing video’s from their day and have compiled it into a nice 3 minute video:)

My loves, just enjoying an ordinary day…

A Day in Their Lives from Nicole Kathlyn on Vimeo.

Music used with Permission: “Ordinary Day” by Emilie Mover – CD/MP3 available on and iTunes (buy them, she’s amazing)


Giggles | Barrie Family Photographer

Catching up on sharing the sessions I took last summer and fall. This session needed no props, no gimmicks, no elaborate setup…just 2 loving parents and their sweet little girls.

Oh, and lots of giggles:)

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Little Love | Barrie Family Photographer

I’m finally getting a chance to blog some of my sessions from last summer, loved this sweet family:)


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Image a Day Project, Week One | Barrie Lifestyle Photographer

Each year, for the month of February, I undertake an image of the day project to capture the little moments taking place in our lives. Yesterday was the end of the first week so I’m excited to share what I captured…enjoy!

Day 1: Cooking with Grandad

We took a trip out to visit Grandad&Gran for the evening yesterday. When it came time for dinner you were all to eager to help. Some of the pizza toppings may not have been evenly distributed but you had fun and everything was still tasty:)

Day 2: Happy

You are perpetually happy. You always have been. You’re going through a “mommy only” stage at the moment but even through a bout of the flu you’ve still been a pretty smiley and giggly boy. I can always count on a huge grin when I walk in your room to get you from your nap:)

Day 3: Eating

You would be happy sitting in your high chair shoveling food into your mouth all day long. You eat just about everything, in large quantities. I’ve yet to find a food you don’t like!

Day 4: Good Morning Kiss for Connor

Every morning you wake up, go into Connor’s room, give him a loving kiss on the head, and tell him good morning. He giggles and smiles, then we start the day. You love your little brother so much and are already very protective of him. Of course he loves you so much too and will follow you around aimlessly for hours just to be by your side. You two couldn’t be more perfect for eachother.

Day 5: Up

You climb up on everything, and everyone. You motor around chasing anything that moves, mostly Jack, giggling and smiling away. You’re a busy little man, and we’re going to have to keep a close eye on you before you decide to try scaling the stairs (again).

Day 6: Lashes

You have the most incredible eye lashes. I’m fairly certain I say this every year (probably more than once), but you really do. Lucky boy you are:)

Day 7: You

I was snapping some images of Connor today and you asked me to “take mine picture mama” so I obliged. You had a sweet little grin, and you just looks so…you! You may being growing faster than I thought possible, and accomplishing new feats daily, but you’re still my sweet little boy. I love you.

Check back next week for the next batch!